Unable to activate program - Incorrect password message

Had issues logging into Walkera drone site. Had it resolved. Now, I am unable to start the mr-drone s/ware as the code/password sent by Walkera is incorrect. 

Has anybody been able to play successfully?


Mine is running fine after I registered email with Walkera. The steps I took are:

1) Setup new account with Walkera
2) Wait for email from Walkera
3) Click on the link in the email from Walkera
4) Enter username & password
5) Enter Activation code to access full simulator

2017-12-05 10:58:03     Reply(0)


no, have same problems. is not working :(

2017-12-01 22:18:04     Reply(0)



envoie un mail a l adresse si dessous  ,il devrais te repondre rapidement .



2017-11-02 12:54:27     Reply(0)


I'm getting the same message from a brand new passcode that I just got. I have only been able to play the demo timed trial, but unable to register my program with the new code. I've even tried setting up new accounts but have not been successful with activation. This whole process has been nothing but a nightmare for me.

2017-09-02 07:34:42     Reply(0)

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