probleme d activation


Je n'arrive pas à activer la carte du simulateur mr drone walkera.

Cela me dit qu'elle est déjà active et apres je clic pour jouer et il ne dise que je ne peux pas.

Je ne peux pas jouer au simulateur du coup.

Pouvez vous m'aider


I also have a similar problem. Unable to start. Get error message as incorrect password. Trying to obtain assistance from Walkwera.



2017-09-01 14:21:31     Reply(1)


I too am waiting on Walkera online support to get back to me about my code not working. This whole purchase has been nothing but a nightmare for me from the start. I ordered the code because it said it was emailed but they mailed it to me instead. So after the long wait and several emails, I finally get the code and the damn thing doesn't even work. I'm really hating this company at this point!!!

2017-09-02 07:39:14

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